Odie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 20th, 2024, during surgery to remove an adrenal gland mass. He was 13 years and 4 months old. My husband and I adopted Odie from Almost Home Animal Shelter in October 2011. Odie was 1 year old. They saved him from a kill shelter. My Odie was just the smartest, funniest, sweetest, happiest, most beautiful dog around! He knew more words than some people I know. He was my absolute heart! I talked my husband of 7 months, at the time, to just “go look” at dogs at a nearby adoption event. He didn’t want a dog. But I caught him in the right mood after an MSU victory, and he ended up picking out Odie! 2 months later my husband would become very ill. Odie was my husband’s buddy until he passed a little over a year later. Then it was just Odie and me and it was Odie that saved me! He was my everything, making me laugh when I didn’t think I could and getting me out of the house daily on the walks Odie so loved. I giggled just watching his cute little walk and the little spins he would do. It was just the 2 of us for 7 years until we brought a little neglected senior dog from the neighborhood into our family. Odie loved his walks (never too hot, too cold or too much snow!), he loved going to the park, car rides of course, bringing me all his toys, patrolling the yard (he always had to do a perimeter check!), he loved laying in the sunshine no matter how hot it was, and he was the security system around (nothing got by Odie!) Odie was the best dog ever, but he was so much more than that. He was the best friend I’ve ever had. I was closer with him than anyone in my life ever, and I will miss him until I see him again. My heart is just shattered. He brought such joy, energy and silliness into my house and truly made it a home. He could make absolutely anyone smile… even people just driving by on our walks! I love you so much, Dee, forever and ever! The first thing I want to see when I get to heaven is your face!