Mango crossed the rainbow bridge on July 7th, 2022. He passed away at 3 months old after a battle with Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

Mango came into my family as a rescue Even though Mango was only in my life for a short time, we had many great memories.  A couple of my favorite by far were him waking me up every day at 6am to sleep on top of me. Another one was when we adopted him, every other kitten that tried to sit on me or grab my attention, he swatted them away. Mango’s favorite thing to do was sunbathe in the windowsill in our living room and annoy his big canine brother CJ. Mango was the sweetest, hence the name. He genuinely saved my life, and I will forever be grateful. I know it’s a cliche, but they are never truly gone. A piece of them will always be immortalized through your memories.