Lana crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 3rd 2023 after battling a brain tumor. She crossed over at home, in the sun, held in my arms, with the help from a veterinary hospice doctor at the age of 16 years old. Lana came into our family after a friend found her and cared for her for several years. Then about a dozen years ago, my friend gave Lana to me before he moved out of the country and was not able to take her abroad. When she first joined me, I had another cat named Tucker. She always swatted him away, even if he was just walking by. After he had a cancerous tumor removed and underwent chemo, her demeanor completely changed. She no longer swatted at him. Instead, she would sit as close as possible without touching him when Tucker was laying down somewhere. She knew something changed with him and was there in her own little way to care for him and let him know he wasn’t alone. Lana loved sitting in front of the heating vent or on her heating pad, meowing at us when it was time to feed her! I miss you, little Lana Bear and am sorry I couldn’t do more for you.