Kissa crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 17th, 2024 after a short battle with liver cancer. She was just 12 years old. Kissa’s family had the opportunity to love her for half her life; 6 years. She was adopted from the Ferndale Cat Shelter with her best friend, Peeky as they couldn’t live without each other. Kissa was such a cuddle bug. She always had to be snuggled up with someone whether it be one of her fur siblings or her human parents. She always greeted us at the door and would demand for us to sit down so she could sit with us. If we went outside, she would tap on the window as if reminding us that she was inside and wanted us back with her. She was so outgoing and friendly. If someone was willing to give her attention, she was happy. Her head bumps could heal the deepest emotional wound and her purr could light up anyone’s world. She has a very expressive meow that would let anyone know how she was feeling at any giving moment. She was so special. She fought through Asthma, Allergies, and Dental Disease. We would have given any amount of money to save her, but there was nothing that we could do when they found a mass blocking her biliary system. She was jaundiced, thin, and tired, and it was time to let her go, even when we weren’t ready. She loved watching CatTV and basking in the sun. Her favorite spot was her bowl hammock in the cat tree and she would lay there and look outside out big front window all day. Her fur brother would often join her there and she would be so happy. Oh Kissa…. I miss you so much sweet girl. The house feels empty without your presence. Peeky and Kavi miss you too. I hope you know how loved you were (and still are) and I hope you understand why you had to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are making so many friends up there already. You were always so good at that. 6 years with you wasn’t long enough.