Angel crossed the rainbow bridge on December 14th 2023 after a long fight with Diabetes. She was 18 years old.  Angel came into the family after she was abandoned and found. Angel was named because she was gentle, and loving and she needed help! She was a stray, abandoned, and we found each other. She was an abandoned feral found at a rental home. I had put out flea tract, and then heard a loud Yelp! She ran downstairs with a foaming mouth and I quickly grabbed her and put her mouth under the water faucet. I stayed the night and the next with her by my side . Fleas, mites, worms – you name it … Gasow healed her! After her ordeal, I always had a safe blanket for her, where I wouldn’t touch her. She was nervous with strangers and would hide. This gave her a spot that was her own. She retreated there always but would be quite talkative to me when it was time for bed. Then she would join me for petting ‘snuggling’. She loved being brushed after breakfast each day. I was her mom, and she my little girl. Angel was loving and affectionate with me but never was seen by others! I loved her dearly for her 17 of 18 years that I knew her. Her favorite things to do were sleep, eat, and watch the outside world from her safe spot inside. Our pets are brought to us and treasured. God brought you to me! I thought about how a purring cat is heavenly. Two days later, there you were! We rescued each other and you will forever be in my heart. Thankful for you rescuing me, you are such a dearly loved girl. Be without pain, and know you are in my heart always.